Online Self Support Group for English Speakers

Wer sind wir?

This is an online group, open for all English speakers living in Germany. Moderation is provided by Patrik Boerner.

Wann und wo treffen wir uns?

We meet online at every third Tuesday in every month (except public holidays in Germany) by using zoom video conference software.

Worüber sprechen wir?

We talk about any topics concerning ADHD - especially living in Germany with ADHD. How to find a good health care? Where to get a diagnosis? How to continue a prescription from abroad? Where to go for therapy in English?

Was zeichnet uns aus?

We have only just begun... so our group is small and fresh.

Weitere Informationen:

To have a high level of protection for our personal data, the process of registration is very strickt. Please download the rules of the group, (small picture at the to of this page) fill in the lower part, sign it and send it by post service (NOT email). Then you get the meeting id within a few days.

Schlusswort :)

For any questions you might have, please feel free to contact me: rg.adhd@adhs-deutschland.de